Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Forever and Ever, Amen

Come on...everyone knows this one. But just in case, I figured I'd better publish the trilogy from the blog post. Introducing Randy Travis, my friends...this one is a classic.


Kim said...

Hello! Saw your comment on the BlogHer meet up thread - sad that I probably won't be able to make whatever date they have.

But anyways, I have loved this song for a long time. I always felt like the line about not being in love with your hair was very telling. I will be reading more from your blog soon! I just wanted to say hello.


Thanks Kim for adding a comment. I am still hoping to make the BlogHer event but either way we should develop our own blogging network. I'm new to this so I have a lot to learn and I like talking about it.

And me too about this song. It's been a mantra of sorts for me...and definitely represents true acceptance.