Sunday, July 5, 2009

pañuelo of the day: Sunday, July 5, 2009

Later in the day I bought maple syrup and visited with the llamas. Maple syrup - expensive. Llamas - very cute. I also sampled my first creamee, a soft serve cone of maple ice cream. Ok, well, I say sample but what I really mean is I ate a medium cone. Delish.

This morning the sun was actually out. We've heard about sun in Vermont, but we hadn't seen it yet. I took advantage and went on a short walk this morning. I selected the blue house for my background today because it matches my eyes. And I like blue. And I like the idea of blue houses.

Oh yeah, the scarf. It's another black one, made by Mom. And no, I am not cheating. I own several black scarves. I will photograph them all together later and post just so you'll see I'm telling the truth.


mojee said...

vermont is calling to me. it's so quaint and green.

Joanne said...

Ah, come on, you're pulling our leg! You only have one black scarf! :-)